Chicken Mandarin Salad | 13.99

Crisp mixed greens topped with grilled sliced chicken breast, mandarin orange slices, honey pecans, sundried cranberries, red onion, cucumber slices, crumbled bleu cheese and served with Asian sesame ginger dressing and toasted garlic bread.

Chicken Carolina Salad | 12.49

Lightly fried chicken tenders or beer battered shrimp, ripe tomato wedges, shredded Jack and cheddar cheeses over a bed of crisp mixed greens. Served with toasted garlic bread and our oriental honey ginger dressing.

Peddlers Salad | 14.99

Crisp mixed greens layered with Jack and cheddar cheese, smoky bacon crumbles, sundried cranberries, sliced hard boiled egg and ripe tomato wedges accompanied by a julienne grilled chicken breast, toasted garlic bread and choice of dressing.

Caesar Chicken Salad | 11.99

Crisp fresh Romaine with tender slices of grilled chicken breast or bistro steak, shredded parmesan, sliced black olives and croutons. Served with Caesar dressing and toasted garlic bread. (With steak 15.99)

Medit. Salmon Salad | 16.99

Crisp mixed greens garnished with tomato wedges, red onion, cucumbers, olives, Feta cheese and Mediterranean seasoned grilled salmon. Served with Italian balsamic dressing and toasted garlic bread.

Black-N-Bleu Salad | 17.99

Crisp mixed greens, ripe tomato wedges, crumbled bleu cheese, red onion, sundried cranberries and honey pecans topped with grilled bistro steak. Served with Italian balsamic dressing and toasted garlic bread.